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Our curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum and designed around topics to interest and motivate children. Our aim is for children to become independent learners, building on skills and knowledge throughout their time at WPS so they are equipped for the next stage in their educational journey. Our extensive outdoor environment is used to engage learning across the curriculum as well as promoting physical activity and problem solving skills.

Other important foci are positive, growth mindset, helping children to become self-confident individuals and citizenship, helping children to become responsible citizens within our community.

The Primary National Curriculum 2014 is divided into 11 subjects:

We also teach Personal, Social, Citizenship & Health Education (PSHE) as well as Religious Education and Relationships & Sex Education. 

We follow a topic-based curriculum plan that is reviewed annually to ensure it is responsive to our pupils' needs and interests.

Lower School Curriculum Topics

YearReceptionYear 1Year 2
Autumn 1Through the KeyholeSuperheroesPanic in Pudding Lane
Autumn 2ColoursWinter WonderlandChocotastic
Spring 1Shiver & SizzleHere Be DragonsIntrepid Explorers
Spring 2A Walk in the WildUp!Happy Ever After
Summer 1Wriggle & GrowA Pirate's Life For MeWhat a Wonderful World
Summer 2The Great OutdoorsBeside the SeaWhat A Wonderful World

Upper School Curriculum Topics

YearYear 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Autumn 1JourneysSmashing SaxonsGroovy GreeksWorld War II
Autumn 2Tomb RaidersAnglo SaxonsAncient GreeceEvolution & Inheritance
Spring 1Learning Rocks!Amazing AmazonSpaceAfrica
Spring 2Food & FitnessWater, Water EverywhereMexicoAfrica
Summer 1Powerful ForcesCan You Slay the Beast?VictoriansShock Horror
Summer 2Roots & ShootsListen Up!VictoriansVolcanoes & Earthquakes

Each lower school year is made up of two, mixed-ability classes. Each upper school year is made up of three, mixed-ability classes. Year group teachers plan together to make learning relevant and engaging whilst adapting to learning to meet the individual needs of pupils their class. There are also various initiatives to support pupils' learning such as tuition, small group language & phonics sessions and music lessons.


Autumn 1

EYFS - Through the keyhole
Year 1 - Superheroes
Year 2 - Panic on Pudding Lane
Year 3 - Journeys
Year 4 - The Smashing Saxons
Year 5 - Groovy Greeks
Year 6 - WW2

Autumn 2

EYFS -Colour
Year 1 - Our Planet
Year 2 - Chocotastic!
Year 3 - Exciting Egyptians
Year 4 -Night, Knight: The Dark Ages
Year 5 - Outta this World
Year 6 - Evolution and inheritance

Spring 1

EYFS - Shiver and Sizzle
Year 1 - Dungeons and Dragons!
Year 2 - Greenfingers
Year 3 - Learning Rocks!
Year 4 - Water, Water Everywhere
Year 5 - We Will Be Amused!
Year 6 - African Adventures

Spring 2

EYFS - A Walk in the Wild
Year 1 - Sow and Grow
Year 2 - Greenfingers
Year 3 - Food and Fitness
Year 4 - Let's Set Sail!
Year 5 - Just Around The River Bend
Year 6 - Amazing Africa

Summer 1

EYFS - Marvellous Minibeasts
Year 1 - Near and Far
Year 2 - World of Wonders
Year 3 - Powerful Forces
Year 4 - Mighty Mountains 
Year 5 - Mysterious Mayans
Year 6 - Shock horror



EYFS Shiver and Sizzle Spring 1 overview 20-21
Y1-Y6 Spring 1 overview 20-21

EYFS A walk in the Wild Spring 2 overview 20-21
Y1-Y6 Spring 2 overview 20-21


EYFS Wriggle and Grow Summer 1 overview 20-21
Y1-Y6 Summer 1 overview 20-21

EYFS The Great Outdoors Summer 2 overview 20-21
Y1 Beside the Seaside Summer 2 overview 20-21
Y2 What a Wonderful World Summer 2 overview 20-21
Y3 Roots and Shoots Summer 2 overview 20-21
Y4 Mighty Mountains Summer 2 overview 20-21
Y5 Metamorphosis Summer 2 overview 20-21
Y6 Disaster Strikes Summer 2 overview 20-21