Working For Everyone


A school is often judged by the appearance of its pupils and a smart standard of dress helps create and maintain a positive image.

It is with this in mind, and for the benefit of the whole school community, that the Governors insist that children closely follow these guidelines:

Grey trousers or tailored shorts. Knee-length skirt or pinafore dress.Grey trousers or tailored shorts.
White blouse or polo shirt.White shirt or polo shirt.
Green WPS fleece or sweatshirt.Green WPS fleece or sweatshirt.
White or grey socks. GREY tights.White, grey or black socks.
In summer, green & white checked summer dress or grey tailored cullotte-shorts are acceptable.
Plain black shoes or sandals.
(See pictures below for further clarification.)
Plain black shoes.
Low-heeled, sensible shoes are essential as children’s feet are still developing and can be damaged by fashion shoes.Trainers do not form part of our school uniform but children are welcome to change into them at playtimes.
Boys & Girls: Hair should be tied back from the face with a clip or hair-coloured band/small bow during lessons to enable children to focus on their work.For PE, hair must be completely tied back in a plait, ponytail or top-knot, for health & safety reasons.
A watch and one small pair of stud earrings are permitted. ALL jewellery MUST be removed for all PE.
Plain, dark costume.Plain, dark trunks or shorts (mid-thigh length).
Hat.Hat for hair longer than collar length or if fringe covers eyes when hair is wet.
Indoor PEOutdoor PE
Black shorts & white t-shirtBlack shorts & white t-shirt.
Black plimsolls.Trainers.
In cold weather, tracksuits are acceptable.
A named bag, which will remain on a coat peg, is essential for holding PE clothing. It should remain in school for daily use and be taken home during the holidays.

Appropriate boys’ shoes:

shoe2  shoe4shoes6


Appropriate girls’ shoes:

These boots do NOT form part of our school uniform, but can be worn to walk to school in cold weather.

Trainers/plimsolls/casuals/Converse/Vans – acceptable for PE or lunchtimes only:
trainer1trainers4 trainers5
trainers6 trainers1

Jumpers, cardigans and t-shirts do not need to have the school logo stitched onto them but can be plain.

Our emblemed uniform can be purchased at: