Honest Positive Determined Respectful

Our Values

Our vision is for children to become independent, motivated learners and responsible citizens.

To achieve this, our core values are at the heart of everything we do and our positive behaviour policy upholds and promotes these, with every staff member responsible for modelling and endorsing it.

Each of our core values is represented by a different colour of the rainbow and include the four British values:

We expect all members of our school community (children, parents / carers & staff) to be honest with others and themselves. Self-reflection is imperative to positive learning behaviours. We know that positivity and determination underpin how children become resilient individuals and embrace challenge. Everyone in our school community supports one another to overcome difficulties and challenges, in order to progress and grow. We show respect towards others and their journey to success, supporting them wherever possible. Talking and expressing ourselves is vital to show democracy and working together successfully as one community. Each child and adult is unique and is enabled to show individuality in their own way within our rule of law, demonstrating positive behaviours throughout our school.

The varied opportunities our children experience within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, are designed to develop these core values.

How do we promote “British Values” ?

Mutual Respect & Tolerance

Through a shared vision of what WPS is like and why we respect each other’s attitudes and values. A clear system of behaviour, planned and devised by all staff, children and governors. A rewards and sanctions system that has been devised by the children. Raising money for those in need locally and internationally through our charity of the year.

Monthly assembly themes which perpetuate our curriculum. Visiting places of worship for other faiths and receiving visitors from other faiths in school. Recognising and celebrating cultural celebrations for children from different countries within our school. Identifying how different religions have common values and beliefs.


Through an effective and purposeful school council; voting for class representatives to the school council; studying the development of sovereignty and government in Britain over time; raising awareness of current affairs with the children at an age appropriate level;

Individual Liberty

The power of collaboration. Effective allocation of roles and responsibilities. The ability to speak out and be heard. What it means to be listened to. Debating and agreeing to disagree. What it means to be a member of a school, a community, a group. Pupil voice through school council, projects and social media. Mentoring and supporting others. E.g. Year 6 play and sports leaders, reading and antibullying ambassadors

The Rule of Law

Adopting and embedding a strong Positive Behaviour/ Anti-bullying policy which contains clear rewards and sanctions; working closely with our town cluster of schools to share advice and support. Excellent working links with the community police.