Working For Everyone

Values & Ethos

Our school is a community of pupils, staff and parents which extends into our wider community.

Our vision is for all children to become independent, motivated learners and responsible citizens.

Through achievable and challenging experiences we aim for children to acquire the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will enable them to understand the world and contribute positively to the wider community.

Children will:

  • have access to a curriculum which is rich, varied, challenging and relevant to their needs and abilities
  • have their curiosity and love of learning fostered
  • develop their individual potential: intellectual, physical, creative, moral and social
  • develop a sense of purpose, responsibility and self-discipline
  • learn to praise, encourage and value one another, regardless of position, race, gender or disability
  • be taught to treat each other with consistency and fairness

We believe education is a partnership between the school, the pupil and their parents. For this reason we publish a home-school agreement which you will be invited to sign during your child’s first term with us. We also believe that educational success is best measured in individual terms.

British Values

These run through the centre of our curriculum:

– Democracy
– Rule of Law
– Individual Liberty
– Mutual Respect

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