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Learning Mentor

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Mrs Champion

Mrs Champion is our learning mentor. She is part of a team whose role it is to work with pupils, parents, staff and outside agencies to identify strategies to help children overcome their barriers to learning.

Mrs Champion works with children individually or in small groups to help them understand their barriers and develop effective strategies and skills to overcome them. She helps them make positive choices, make better progress in their learning and helps them feel good about themselves.

A discussion with parents always takes place before mentoring work begins. Your child’s teacher should always be your first port of call if you have concerns. The class teacher will then refer on to Mrs Champion who will create a tailor-made programme to support your child’s needs.

Programmes currently running at our school address issues such as:

  • low self-esteem & confidence building
  • social skills
  • bullying & friendship
  • motivation
  • attendance and punctuality
  • adapting to changes at home
  • bereavement and illness
  • being a young carer
  • negative behaviour & anger
  • worrying

Parents can, and are encouraged, to meet with Mrs Champion to discuss their child’s mentoring programme and how this can be supported at home as well as school. She can be contacted via the school office.