Working For Everyone


We have high expectations of behaviour and reward children for modelling our school ethos of ‘Working for Everyone’. Amongst these rewards are Green DOJO points – the children who receive the most points in each class during the week are added to the Golden book and letters are sent home to parents.

Our Rights & Responsibilities are reviewed annually and agreed democratically through our school council. These are then displayed in classrooms across the school and continually referred to.


To work without distraction.
To feel and be safe in school.
To be listened to and have an opinion.
To a balanced curriculum that challenges us.
To make mistakes and have a growth mindset.
To go to the office when hurt or ill.
To make friends.
To be yourself and enjoy school.
To be treated fairly.


To not interfere with others.
To walk in the quad and school building.
To not ride scooters and bikes on the school playground.
To look after school equipment and keep the school tidy
To listen and show manners.
To come to school prepared.
To be honest and do our best.
To look after ourselves and each other.
To speak to and treat others with respect, and be kind.
To be a good friend and citizen
To respect each other’s culture and beliefs and treat everyone the same.

When children fall below our expectations, we follow a stepped approach. These sanctions have been created by the children themselves and are logged in the Behaviour book. Parents are kept informed about their child’s behaviour through yellow and blue card behaviour letters.

Behaviour Sanctions
Behaviour Letter