Honest Positive Determined Respectful


Our vision is for children to become independent, motivated learners and responsible citizens.

To achieve this, our core values are at the heart of everything we do and our positive behaviour policy upholds and promotes these, with every staff member responsible for modelling and endorsing it.

Promoting a Positive Outlook

Children have opportunities to discuss and develop positive behaviour primarily through PSHE, assemblies and School Council, but also throughout day-to-day school activities. All staff (teachers, LSAs, office staff, MDAs, site manager, cooks, peripatetic) look for opportunities to draw attention to high standards using the reward strategies outlined below.


Within the classroom, as well as verbal praise and encouragement, teachers use stickers and ‘tickled pink’ marking.

Children also earn green DOJO points for specifically demonstrating our core values. The children who receive the most DOJO points in each class during the week achieve a Class DOJO certificate. All children who have ‘stayed on the rainbow’ during the week receive a dab on their rainbow reward card. At the end of term, children who have achieved all their rainbows receive a treat for the whole class. This not only encourages pupils to consistently model our school values, but promotes democracy and citizenship within the classroom.


Headteacher’s Awards are presented at the end of each month during a special whole school assembly. These are given to children who have been exceptional examples of our school values: honesty, positivity, determination  respect  democracy, individuality & rule of law.


Play Leaders & Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Year 6 pupils are formally trained to support other children during lunchtimes, at both upper and lower school. They are also trained to peer mediate and help children sort out minor disagreements.


Learning Mentor

We recognise that all unexpected behaviours indicate an unmet need, so our school learning mentor is available to support children individually or within small groups to help them develop strategies to manage their behaviour and overcome their social and emotional difficulties. Programmes are devised specifically for each child together with class teachers and parents / carers. Our aim is for children to become empowered to manage their own behaviours and emotions.

Mrs Champion



For some children, a more structured approach may be necessary so teachers, in conjunction with our SENCo, create an Individual Behaviour Programme / Consistent Management Plan working with parents / carers and  when necessary, external agencies.

Miss L Withers
Miss Withers


During this period, there will be a number of new “rules” that pupils will be expected to follow, and they will be given clear information about new procedures.

Pupils will be asked to follow new procedures in relation to:

  • arriving at school and leaving at the end of the day
  • following instructions on who they can socialise with at school – children will be expected to stay strictly within the group they are allocated to, and not spend time with anyone from another group
  • moving around the school as per specific instructions (for example, one-way systems, out of bounds areas, queuing)
  • following school instructions on hygiene, such as handwashing and sanitising
  • expectations about sneezing, coughing, tissues and disposal and avoiding touching their mouth, nose and eyes with hands
  • telling an adult if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus
  • following new rules about sharing any equipment or other items including drinking bottles
  • new expectations about breaks or play times, including where children may or may not play
  • new rules about lunchtimes in school

Positive Behaviour Policy Addendum Jan 2021

Click here for our full behaviour Policy.

Anti Bullying Policy Jan 2019