Honest Positive Determined Respectful

Year Group Info

We have 60 children in each lower school year who learn in 2 classes of 30 pupils.

There are 96 children in each upper school year who learn in 3 classes of 32 pupils for year 3, 4 and 6 and in 4 classes of 24 pupils in year 5.

Lower School

Reception: Bumblebees & Ladybirds

Year 1: 1JB & 1HW

Year 2: 2KS & 2LQ

Upper School

Year 3: 3SB, 3AY, 3YF

Year 4: 4AD, 4SB, 4RV

Year 5: 5ER, 5ES, 5EJ, 5CD

Year 6: 6DB, 6SY, 6IM

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