Working For Everyone



7th    School re-open to pupils
9th    New Entrant Tour 9.30am
9th    4F Parent Lunch
14th   Swimming Gala 9.15 - 11.15am (Selected pupils)
14th   Yr 6 SATs Meeting 6.30pm
16th   4W Parent Lunch
21st   GH Parent Lunch
22nd  Yr 6 SATs Meeting 9.00am
23rd  5E Parent Lunch
28th   BB Parent Lunch
30th  5F Parent Lunch
30th  Residential Parent Meeting 6.30pm (Current Year 5)


6th     5W Parent Lunch
10th   NSPCC Assembly & Workshops Y3/4
13th   Year 1 Assembly
13th   6E Parent Lunch
14th   NSPCC Assembly & Workshops Lower School & Y5/6
17th  - 21st Half Term
28th   Cross Country Competition


10th  Netball Competition at Bromfords
19th  Netball Competition at Bromfords
24th  Year 2 Fun Skipping Festival at Grange
24th  Football Competition at Beauchamps
25th  Class photographs (Lower inc. 5F)
26th  Class photographs (Upper)
31st   Girls Football Competition at Wickford Town


6th - 17th Half term


8th    VE Day - Bank Holiday
19th  Netball Competition
21st   Y3 Festival at North Crescent


4th   Y1 visit to the Sealife Centre
5th   Y3 Just Different Assembly
9th   Y1 Teddy Bear Festival at North Crescent
9th   Football Competition at Wickford Town
15th  Y5 Bromfords Roadshow 3.15 - 4.00pm (Upper school hall)
18th  District Athletics
23rd  Mini Football Fun Games (R, Y1 & 2)
24th  Creative Arts
25th  District Athletics - Reserve date


3rd   Transition Day
7th   Y5 Beauchamps Taster Day
9th   Y4 Sports Festival

Term Dates 2019/20

Essex Term Dates 2019-20

Non-pupil Days

3rd Sept 19
4th Nov 19
6th Jan 20
1st Jun 20
22nd July 20

Term Dates 2020/21

Essex Term Dates 2020-21

Non-pupil Days tbc

2nd Sept 20
2nd Nov 20
4th Jan 21
7th Jun 21
21st July 21

KS2 SATs Dates

11th - 14th May 2020
10th - 13th May 2021
(As 13th May 2021 is Eid, Muslim pupils may wish to take their final test at another time.)

KS1 SATs Dates

Take place during the month of May each year.

Y1 Phonics Screening

Take place during the week beginning:
8th June 2020
7th June 2021