Working For Everyone


We take seriously our responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children in our care.

Section 175 of the Education Act 2002 places a statutory responsibility on our governing body to have policies and procedures in place that safeguard and promote the welfare of children who are pupils of our school.

There are three main elements to our Child Protection policy:
• Prevention through the creation of a positive school atmosphere and the teaching, and pastoral support offered to pupils.
• Protection by following agreed procedures and ensuring all staff are trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to child protection concerns.
• Support to pupils who may have been abused.

This policy applies to all pupils, staff, parents, governors, volunteers, students and visitors to our school. We recognise we are an agent of referral and not of investigation.

School Ethos

Our school is committed to keeping children safe and aims to:

• Create a culture of vigilance where the welfare of our pupils is promoted and where timely and appropriate safeguarding action is taken
• Establish and maintain an environment where pupils feel safe and secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to
• Ensure that pupils know that there are adults within the school they can approach if they are worried or are in difficulty
• Ensure pupils receive the right help at the right time to address risks and prevent issues escalating
• Include in the curriculum activities and opportunities which equip pupils with the skills they need to stay safe from abuse and to develop healthy and safe relationships
• Include in the curriculum material which will help pupils develop realistic attitudes to the responsibilities of adult life, particularly with regard to childcare and parenting skills
• Protect children from harm and to ensure that they are taught in a way that is consistent with the law and our values and to promote respect for all others
• Facilitate understanding of wider issues within the context of learning about the values on which our society is founded and our system of democratic government
• Provide a curriculum which actively promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
• promote tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith), races, genders, ages, disability and sexual orientations
• Make parents/carers aware of the school policies and practice for safeguarding and ensure that, wherever possible, every effort will be made to establish open and honest effective working relationships with parents and colleagues from partner agencies

If you have a safeguarding concern, contact Mr Flitman in the first instance via the school office. In his absence, Mrs Ramet is the deputy designated person or our chair of governors, Mrs Kemzura.