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Sustainability Week

The whole school has been focusing on sustainability this week.


Year 1

Year 2

In year 3, children have enjoyed learning about single-use plastics and the effect they have on our planet. They have planted sunflower seeds and made bird feeders out of plastic bottles – this will make our school field wildlife friendly.
Year 4 have looked at the problem caused by ramblers and mountain climbers leaving rubbish on Mt Everest – discussions have been taking place to find a solution to this blight of one of the most amazing landmarks and this will lead on to some creative writing. They have also read the story Cat from Hunger Mountain to introduce children to the food wasted by people every day.
Year 5 have focused on plastic pollution and will use this to write a persuasive text convincing people to stop dropping rubbish. They have recycled household rubbish (in Art Attack) style to create a turtle – see photos below.
In year 6 , children have also been looking at the plastic problem and have discovered a new invention called The Interceptor, that can be used to prevent plastic entering the seas from rivers. They will be writing an explanation of how it works and what we are doing to help lower our carbon footprint. They will also be writing a persuasive letter to Mr Johnson to persuade him to order an Interceptor for this country.