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Year 6 Orienteering

Year 6 have been participating in orienteering as part of PE this half term.

During this half term, we have been studying orienteering. We did: finding North to orientate our maps, map reading, and finding clues to win. At the end of the term, we had a competition. I thought this was a good idea. I hope we can do it again and although I came 13th, I still enjoyed it. By Gracie B 6SY.

This year’s orienteering competition was between the whole of year six; although, unfortunately, 6BD were isolating so couldn’t take part. We were split into teams of two. It was a race between the whole class and the teacher timed us so that our times could be compared with 6IM. I was with Stanley. The fastest time from both classes was the winner. Even though Stanley and I didn’t win, we still had fun. The fastest time overall was 7minutes and 55 seconds (which is really fast) by Cooper and Callum from 6SY. By Alan M 6SY