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Eleven Plus

If you are considering your child taking the 11+ test in September, please feel welcome to discuss this with your child’s class teacher.

More information can be found on the CSSE website and the preparation guide for 2022 entry will be published at the end of April 2021.

We recommend children and parents work through free familiarisation papers or other similar resources before attending the club.

Preparing for the 11+

The following is advice from the CSSE website.

The purpose of the 11+ test is to select the children who have the potential to thrive in an environment which provides a highly academic curriculum, which also has depth and breadth, and a range of challenging pursuits. Such children will have demonstrated some of the following:

  • curiosity, enjoyment of learning and problem solving
  • perseverance and completion of challenging tasks
  • understanding of all concepts taught at primary school
  • enjoyment of a wide range of literature and/or non-fiction text
  • creativity in sustained writing
  • ability to make connections between various areas of knowledge
  • good memory
  • imagination and original ideas
  • ability to work at pace and assimilate information quickly
  • appreciation of numerical conventions
  • ability to apply mathematical concepts

The Headteachers of the CSSE schools believe that in addition to the above, children should:

  • be familiar with reading and responding to texts with a reading age greater than 11
  • understand the rudiments of spelling, grammar and punctuation

Whilst it is advisable for children to spend a few hours familiarising themselves with the style of responses required in the papers, this can be done at home, using materials and papers available on the CSSE website.

Headteachers share a concern that extensive coaching for the 11+ is inappropriate, ultimately counterproductive and may jeopardize a child’s ability to cope with the demands of a highly academic curriculum.

The precise difficulty of papers can vary and entry requirements are based on standardised score calculations which depend on the performance of the cohort. In addition, application numbers for any particular schools may vary over time and this will affect entry cut off scores. It is therefore impossible to give any exact guidelines about how well candidates need to do on 11+ papers in order to be offered a place in a school.

However, based on recent data and assuming an equal performance on English and Maths, the following are rough guidelines of the percentage score necessary on the papers:

  • 55-60% for the Southend grammar schools’ priority area and other Southend schools
  • 65% for out of area places at most of the Southend grammar schools
  • 65-70% for Colchester County High School
  • 70% for CRGS and for KEGS priority area
  • 75% for KEGS out of priority area

Registration opens each year at the beginning of May and closes at the end of July. Information guides will be available at this time and a link will appear on the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex website for online registration. Open days will take place during the Summer Term and you need to look at the schools’ websites for details about these.