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Year 4

Y4 Curriculum Map 2019-20
Welcome to Y4

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Autumn Term

We follow the national curriculum for mathematics, incorporating number sense, geometric reasoning and multiplicative reasoning. In literacy, we study the legend of King Arthur as part of our Kings and Kingdoms topic.  Different Arthurian legends will inspire our story writing at the start of term and then the children learn about newspaper reports to recount the story of the Battle of Hastings. Following this, we look at how to write narrative poetry and information texts, using ‘Beowulf’ as a starting point for writing.

In geography, the children investigate their local area and how Wickford and Basildon grew into the towns they are today.  In art, the children learn how textiles are made before creating their own Saxon money holder, using a range of sewing techniques. In science, the children look at electrical lighting and creating circuits, before making an electric torch as part of their DT.  In computing, the children learn about communicating in the digital world and how to keep safe on the internet. The children begin the year by looking at our online learning community, including Bug Club and My Learning, in greater detail and how it can be of benefit to them both in and out of school. In PSHE we consider our safety in the wider community and in RE we begin our study of Islam.  In PE the children will complete a unit of orienteering, combining their geography skills with fitness.  In addition to this, they benefit from specialised teaching from a professional coach in addition to their swimming in the second part of the term.

We have several visitors to the school this term to give children a wide range of educational experiences.  Metro Bank will be visiting each of the classes three times to provide an introduction to financial education.  To support our topic learning, Portals to the Past will be coming in to run a whole-day workshop about Anglo-Saxons.

Y4 Autumn 1 19-20
Y4 Autumn 2 19-20

Spring Term

Our teaching for the first half of this term is based around the topic of “The Vikings”. This follows on from the work in the Autumn term on the Anglo-Saxons. Our literacy is based around non-fiction texts and writing our own stories. During this half-term we study our Cine-Literacy unit, using the film ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ as our inspiration. We also use the Viking gods, such as Thor and Odin, to inspire non-fiction writing. As part of our science, we learn about eating and digestion, where children learn to understand about the diets of different animals, as well as how humans eat and digest food. In art, children look at how Vikings used weaving and learn to weave their own textiles. In addition, children learn how to describe animals and pets in French. We also develop children's resilience and teamwork through sessions such as Bootcamp.

Our teaching for the second half of this term is based around the topic of “Fairy Tales”. The children study different well-known fairy tales; for example children learn how to write their own fairy tales and use the Year 4 production as inspiration. During this second half-term, we swim, and learning striking and fielding games in PE. In mathematics we continue to follow the National Curriculum, covering areas such as counting, partitioning and calculating, fractions, securing number facts and understanding shape as well as consolidating, practising and extending aspects covered in previous terms. Finally, in ICT children use computer programming software to make computer games and in RE we learn about Christian parables.

During the term, the whole year group prepares for their own musical production; more details about this exciting production are given at the time.

Y4 Overview Spring 1 19-20

Y4 Spring 2 19-20

Summer Term

Our topics for the final term of Year 4 is “Water” and “The Rainforest”. Up to the half-term break we find out all about water. The children learn about where water comes from and how it is recycled for human use. This includes a very informative day at the Chelmsford Anglian Water treatment works. In literacy and reading we look at the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo and write diary entries and then explanation texts for the water cycle. In science we find out about states of matter; carrying out some investigations into condensation and evaporation. Our art also complements our topic as we look critically at the work of an artist who features in Kensuke’s Kingdom, Hokusai. The children study his beautiful artwork ‘The Great Wave’ and use this to inspire their own paintings.

The second half-term topic we find out about the rainforests of South America. Our literacy is based around persuasion texts and how we can help protect the rainforests. In addition to this, we use the film ‘Rio’, a Brazilian parrot, for our cine-literacy to stimulate narrative writing. This also inspires children’s DT, where they learn to design and create pop-up books. During this half-term we swim, and prepare for sports day with field and track athletics in PE.

In mathematics, we follow the National Curriculum. We cover similar areas to last term, such as counting, partitioning and calculating, fractions, securing number facts and understanding shape, and consolidate, practise and extend aspects covered in previous terms.

In computing, we explore databases and children learn to collect, find, organise and interpret information about different countries, using a variety of computer programs. In French, the children learn about schools in France, how to follow instructions and school equipment.