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Year 2

Y2 Overview 19 - 20
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Autumn Term

Our topics this term are Panic on Pudding Lane and Choco-tastic! We start the first topic by having a theatre company come to visit who guide us through London in 1666 using role-play, drama and singing. We link our literacy, art, science, geography and history work closely, by focusing on life during the time of the fire (17th century).
Later this half term we host a Great Fire of London Assembly, where we showcase a selection of the work the children have completed so far as well as singing and signing (using British Sign Language) the songs they have learnt in music.

After the half term holiday, we start our new topic, which centres around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In literacy, the children learn about components of stories, such as, story settings and character descriptions before writing their very own chapter! As an inspirational beginning to this topic, we watch a film version of the story, which the children thoroughly enjoy.

Maths sets begin in Year 2 and the children follow the National Curriculum 2014 in preparation for their SATs in May. Areas of focus are place value, the four operations (including mental strategies and written methods), shape, money, time, fractions, measurement and problem solving.

As part of the PE curriculum, the children take part in multi-sports lessons with Mr Harrington, followed by a dance unit. In RE, the children learn about Judaism, Sikhism and Christianity. Through ICT, the children learn about e-safety (staying safe online) and presenting information in an alternative format. Our design and technology lessons enable the children to enjoy designing and creating a rat out of old socks and other materials! Finally, our science topics are ‘uses of everyday materials’ and ‘plants’.

Year 2 Phonics Parent Workshop
Y2 Autumn 1 19-20
Y2 Autumn 2 19-20

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Spring Term

Spring is here! This term children learn about space in ‘Above and Beyond’, followed by traditional tales through our ‘Once Upon a Time’ topic.

The children start their topic of ‘Above and Beyond’ by watching Wall-E which links to PSHE, Science and Wickford Primary Core Values. They read stories about space adventures to find the sun as well as writing some of their own adventure stories! Through History, children learn about the great space race, discovering which animals were sent to space before learning about the first man in space and the first moon landing. Our Music focuses around the children listening to The Space Odyssey, appraising the song and finally composing their own version.

Our ‘Once Upon a Time’ topic enables children to learn and retell some traditional tales, such as The Little Red Hen, in the style of Talk for Writing. They also have plenty of opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills through drama. There is a heavier focus on problem solving in Maths where children are expected to apply the skills that they have learnt, to real life situations. D&T includes creating puppets and moving pictures / characters.

Y2 Overview Spring 1 19-20

Y2 Spring 2 19-20

Year 2 Phonics Parent Workshop
Y2 Autumn 1 19-20
Y2 Autumn 2 19-20

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