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Year 2 Home Learning

Autumn 2 Home Learning Bingo – Due in on Monday 13th December

Every half term, children will be given a home learning bingo sheet to complete. They should complete this is their home learning book.

Please click the image below.

Weekly Spellings

All children should learn the set list of spellings as part of their home learning each week. They will be tested each Friday during the school day.

Spellings will continue in the New Year

PE Days


Please wear trainers, trousers/shorts, white top, green school jumper/cardigan/fleece.

For those at Monday Multiskills (after school club). Please bring a bag of sports kit to change into after school.

Remote Learning (for isolating pupils)


Lesson 1 – Find information in a text – Read the information and list some amazing facts that you have found about chocolate.

Lesson 2 – Write using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops – Using the information from yesterday. Can you write some sentences about chocolate?

Lesson 3 – Identify and use generalisers – Use these generalisers to make your sentences from yesterday more interesting.

Lesson 4 – Find information and use it to form sentences – Read this new information and write some sentences using the generalisers you were given.

Lesson 5 – Use generalisers – Use all the information from the week to write your own booklet about chocolate. You can use these templates if you need them.


Lesson 1 – Number bonds to 20 – Practise finding your bonds to 20, use objects to help you count if needed.

Lesson 2 – Adding a 1 digit to a 2 digit number – Add the numbers together using a numberline to help you.

Lesson 3 – Adding a 1 digit to a 2 digit number – A repeat of yesterday for practise!

Lesson 4 – Adding larger numbers with word problems – Add the numbers together, use a 100 square to help if needed. Can you challenge yourself to attempt the word problems?

Lesson 5 – Adding practise or Missing number problems – Practise adding lower numbers or see if you can find the missing numbers using adding on (23 + ? = 25)


This term we have been learning about materials and their properties. The lessons below should be followed in sequence and will help your child learn a range of properties for different materials and objects.

Lesson 1 – Which material should I use?

Lesson 2 – How can the shape of solid objects be changed?

Lesson 3 – Which material is the stretchiest?

Lesson 4 – Which materials are absorbent?

Lesson 5 – Which material is best for different objects?