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Year 1

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Y1 Curriculum Overview 19-20

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Autumn Term

Throughout the year, we follow National Curriculum 14 for maths. In the autumn term, this incorporates number and place value, addition and subtraction, both mental and written and properties of 2d and 3d shapes. The children also learn about position and direction, measurement and begin to recognise coins and use money in written calculations.

Our topics are Superheroes Rule! and Winter Wonderland. Within these the children write character descriptions, narratives and reports in addition to fact files and poetry. We read some entertaining books to encourage a love of reading and as a stimulus to engaging writing including Supertato and Stickman. To support the children’s learning about superheroes, they learn about humans and other animals in science and looking at special people who help us in our community – real life superheroes! The children also learn about the architecture of skyscrapers in art as they create their own superhero skyline. They also develop their colour mixing skills, and produce art work linked to RE, PSHE and science. In design technology, the children learn about sliders and levers whilst making their own seasonal greetings cards.

Other areas of learning over the term include an introduction to algorithms and programming in computing; investigating seasonal changes for the time of year in science and wonderful weather in geography. In RE we learn about special people in both the Christian and Sikh faiths and festivals falling within the term. In addition to learning Harvest and Christmas songs in music, the children find out about pulse, rhythm and pitch in music; building their knowledge to perform their own rap. In PE, the children develop team strategies in games and gain special awareness, balance and travelling skills in gymnastics and dance.

Y1 Autumn 1 19-20

Y1 Autumn 2 19-20

Spring Term

Our topics this spring term are Dungeons and Dragons and Up!

In the first half term, children look at both traditional and Chinese dragons culminating in our year group assembly to showcase all that we have learned. We read Zog and a story about Chinese New Year to encourage the children to think about different cultures. The children develop their writing skills through narrative, rhyme and fact files about dragons. Later in the term we learn about Jack and the Beanstalk as we grow our own beanstalks in science. We link our reading lessons to our topics in order for the children to become immersed in the subjects and become experts in the areas.

In ICT we look at word-processing skills and, after half term E-safety. In science we continue to look at scientists and inventors who have impacted our lives and then after half term, we look at plants and growing (hence our topic Up!). In geography the children find out all about their local area, where the school is in Wickford and learn some map reading skills.

In art children develop their observational skills by looking at the structure and textures of castles and in DT we make dragons out of recyclable materials. Later in the term we study the work of Vincent Van Gogh and in particular, his work Sunflowers, when we make models of sunflowers out of clay.

In RE we look at religious symbols and objects and we visit the local church to see this first hand. In PSHE we work on our citizenship unit and look at working together, diversity and communities. In music the children learn about using their voices and instruments as they learn songs for their assembly and for Easter.

Y1 Overview Spring 1 19-20

Y1 Spring 2 19-20