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Y6 Residential 2015

Monday 19th Oct 2015

We arrived in Overstrand at 11.30am. After a quick site orientation, we ate lunch then settled into our dorms. We then enjoyed our first two activities, even though it was quite chilly as the sun began to set…..

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Unfortunately, due to bad network signal, the school mobile is not working. The emergency number for Kingswood is  07971969202.

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Good morning! It is a bright day today. Boys didn’t sleep too badly but a lot of girls were up until 3am. Miss Styles and Mrs Ramet have the privilege of being downstairs in the girls quarters whilst the other staff are enjoying the luxury of the historic Overstrand Hall house!

20151019_140905 20151019_140845
We’ve just had a cooked breakfast and are now starting morning activities.

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The girls dormitories:

IMG_20151020_130727 IMG_20151020_130551 IMG_20151020_130509

Boys dorms:

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Boys’ Dorm Ceiling

We’ve had a lovely sunny day enjoying a variety of activities. We’ve now had dinner and are just off to our evening entertainment – scrapheap challenge.

IMG_20151020_163528 IMG_20151020_163308 image image image image image image image image image image IMG_20151021_170011

Scrapheap Challenge

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Unfortunately, it’s been raining all night and still drizzling so wellies and raincoats today. Thankfully, the girls slept soundly.

IMG_20151021_074818 IMG_20151021_080224 IMG_20151021_080626 IMG_20151021_080135 IMG_20151021_080124  IMG_20151021_080155 image  image image

image 20151021_115235

We had a surprise visit from our chair of governors, Mrs Kemzura (without her waterproofs!).
IMG_20151021_123233 IMG_20151021_123300 IMG_20151021_120535
Then it brightened up for the afternoon and we enjoyed more activities. But we’re all pretty muddy.
IMG_20151021_133456 IMG_20151021_152313 image 20151021_11495920151021_114643 20151021_114729
After dinner we have Hot Spots this evening.

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A good night’s sleep but children (and staff) are becoming quite exhausted from the hectic timetable and fresh air. We’re all off to the beach for the morning and luckily the weather seems quite mild.

Rosie’s Penguin

20151022_095514 20151022_100903 20151022_100130 20151022_102011 20151022_101049 20151022_102419 20151022_102243  20151022_105125

Camp fire this evening.

IMG_20151022_204335 IMG_20151022_204435 IMG_20151022_204344IMG_20151022_204523


We are still anticipating leaving after lunch at 1pm. As soon as I re-gain a mobile network signal I will text message with an exact eta.
It is really chilly this morning but everyone is in high spirits. We’re packed and enjoying the final two activities.