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Y6 Residential 2012

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West Runton, Norfolk
22nd-26th October 2012
We finally arrived around 12.30pm. After finding our rooms, we ate lunch then embarked on making the beds!
Lunch was pasta & meatballs, jacket potato & salad.
It was foggy and dark all day!
Dinner was chicken nuggets or sausage with waffles and the evening entertainment was a quiz.
Most children fell asleep by midnight, although one girls’ room were awake until 3am – so some very tired teachers and girls this morning.
It is another incredibly foggy day.
Everyone’s getting on well and having a great time. Not even any home-sickness this year!!
Burger, bagette & soup for lunch, then more activities:
Pizza or beef tacos for tea then campfire.

Foggy, not smoky!

Tired? We’re not tired!
The fog cleared first thing but returned at lunchtime!
Lunch was chicken drumsticks, pasta and wedges (with salad).
An afternoon at the beach . . . .
             . . . . learning about coastal erosion and sea defences.
Clay is very soft Peter!
After tea (lasagne or fish) the evening entertainment was Hot Spots – a giant game of Twister.
 A new recruit?
Continental breakfast this morning followed by more activities.
Sick child? What sick child?                     Some DS down time
It has been extremely COLD today so a delicious roast dinner was much appreciated.
Disco night.
We are looking forward to our last two activities this morning, then we will have lunch at 1 o’clock and leave just after that. See you around 5pm. We’ll text at intervals along the way.
Just to warn you – lots of us have sore throats due to lack of sleep and excessive shouting, so you can expect a quiet night tonight! But we are all squeaky clean and well-fed.