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Menu wk 2

Please discuss these choices with your child before they come to school, so they understand their options and are not disappointed at the serving table.

Pasta Bar
With a choice of
Cheese Sauce
Tomato & Lentil Sauce
or Pesto
Colne Engaine's Chicken TikkaRoast GammonMeatballs & GravyBubble Fish
Pollock fillets coated in puffed rice
Vegetable LasagneBBQ Vegetarian MinceMaylandsea's Vegetable Pinwheel
Vegetables and mashed potatoes rolled up in puff pastry then baked
Vegetarian Meatballs & Gravy Vegetable & Cheese Quesadilla
Fish Finger Wrap
Mixed Salad
Jacket Potato with Baked Beans
Mixed Salad
Hot Gammon in a Roll
Mixed Salad
Tuna Crunch Pasta Salad
Mixed Salad
Jacket Potato with Cheese
Mixed Salad
Homemade Garlic Bread
Mixed Salad
Wholegrain & White Rice
Green Beans
Potato Slice
Shredded Cabbage
Mashed Potato
Baked Beans or Peas
Healthy Fruit DayBlueberry & Lemon TraybakeIce Cream Sponge RollHealthy Fruit DayOat Cookie
Menu ItemCeleryCrustaceaEggsFishGluten *LupinMilkMolluscsMustardPeanutsTree NutsSesameSoyaSulphites
Tomato & Lentil Sauce
Cheese Sauce/w/
Vegetable Lasagne/w/
Garlic Bread
(Hovis Best of Both)
Mixed Salad/
Fish Finger Wrap//w
Colne Engaines Chicken Tikka/
BBQ Vegetable Mince/
Blueberry & Lemon Tray Bake////
Yorkshire Pudding//w/
Maylandsea's Vegetable Pin Wheel///
Gammon Roll/w//
Ice Cream Sponge//w//
Meat Free Meatballs
Tuna Pasta Salad//
Bubble Fish/
Vegetable & Cheese Quesadilla/w/
Oat Cookie/o/
Pasta Quills/
Healthy Fruit (lemon juice)/

*Gluten Key W- Wheat, O- Oats, B- Barley, R-Rye, S-Spelt, K-Kamut