Working For Everyone

Menu wk 2

Please discuss these choices with your child before they come to school, so they understand their options and are not disappointed at the serving table.

Meat Free Monday!

Macaroni Cheese
Roast Chicken with Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy Chicken Chunks
Layered Minced Beef Enchilada BakeOmega 3 Young's Fish Fingers
Tomato and Veggie Sausage Pasta BakeVegetarian ParcelQuorn DippersQuorn Balls in a Wrap with BBQ SauceOmelette Popover
Jacket Potato with Cheese or TunaHot Chicken Roll and a Salad CupPasta Pot with Cherry Tomatoes and Yellow Peppers Jacket Potato with Cheese Tuna or Ham Wrap with a Salad Cup
Peas & Sweetcorn
Salad Bar
Roast Potatoes
Shredded Cabbage
Hash Brown
Baked Beans
Salad Bar
Wholegrain and White Rice
Broccoli Florets
Salad Bar
Peaches & CreamSmiley Gingerbread cookies
Fresh Fruit
Toffee Pudding & CustardYoghurt Dip with Homemade Shortbread Bite
Fresh Fruit
Friday Fruit Day
100% Fruit Lolly
Fresh Fruit
Fruit Jelly

Allergen information Week 2 Winter Menu 2019