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Thank you to Mr & Mrs Warren for donating onion and daffodil bulbs from Scotts of Southend nursery. We look forward to seeing them shoot and bloom in the forthcoming weeks & months.

Reception Remote Learning

This week the children in Reception have been introduced to our new topic of Shiver and Sizzle!

They got off to a great start by freezing objects and releasing them using tools they have at home!

January Reopening

Following today’s Government announcement, you may be aware that Basildon schools are on the list for delayed school reopening due to the high rate of Covid infections in our area.

Further information can be found here.

Take care and stay safe, Mrs Ramet.


Year 5 Art & DT

We have had a very creative week in Year 5 and have completed an Art and DT project. In Art we used clay to create our own Greek inspired pots and in DT we created a moving frame, based on the Greek myths that we have learnt this term. DT required lots of determination as we had to measure the wood, cut it to the correct length using a hack saw, then glue it together. We are very pleased with the final outcomes.

Reception Weekly Challenge

This week we had a Christmas themed challenge! The children were asked to make a Christmas decoration of their choice but it had to be designed so it could hang on a tree! We think the children succeeded in this challenge!

What a great end to a very busy term!

Merry Christmas from all the Reception team!

Christmas 2020

Y2 Christmas Poems

Santa visited lower school

Year 2 enjoyed their delicious Christmas dinner. Thank you Mr Porter and team from year 2!

Year 4

Year 3

Year 1 had a lovely day wearing their Christmas jumpers, making hats and eating a delicious Christmas dinner! They also performed their nativity play this week – watch it here.

Mrs Wimbury had a special birthday!

Year 6 Orienteering

Year 6 have been participating in orienteering as part of PE this half term.

During this half term, we have been studying orienteering. We did: finding North to orientate our maps, map reading, and finding clues to win. At the end of the term, we had a competition. I thought this was a good idea. I hope we can do it again and although I came 13th, I still enjoyed it. By Gracie B 6SY.

This year’s orienteering competition was between the whole of year six; although, unfortunately, 6BD were isolating so couldn’t take part. We were split into teams of two. It was a race between the whole class and the teacher timed us so that our times could be compared with 6IM. I was with Stanley. The fastest time from both classes was the winner. Even though Stanley and I didn’t win, we still had fun. The fastest time overall was 7minutes and 55 seconds (which is really fast) by Cooper and Callum from 6SY. By Alan M 6SY

Year 5 Letters

Earlier this term, year 5 wrote letters to our favourite author Anthony Horowitz. We explained how much we enjoyed reading his book ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ and asked him various questions. We were amazed and elated this week when we received a personalised letter from Anthony Horowitz, where he answered a few of our questions.