Honest Positive Determined

Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 4!

Here are some summer holiday activities. Our transition day was based around our new core values and we have included this here too.

We hope you have an excellent summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Miss Vanner, Mr Botwright and Mrs Thiem

Honesty- Role play different scenarios and an adult can guess whether or not you are telling the truth. Create an honesty box.
Positivity- Keep a positivity jar where you write something down everyday that has made you happy.
Determination-Try to learn a new skill and do not give up! For example, bake a cake or tie your shoe laces.
Respect- In what ways can you show respect: in the classroom, playground, assembly, home, to peers and to adults?
Democracy- Vote on a film and watch it with your family.
Individuality- Create an identity capsule. Include everything about yourself and keep it to look at when you're older.
Rule of law- Make up a new law. Why is it important and who would benefit from the new law?



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