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Year 3 Home Learning

Monday - 10 weekly spellings & maths activity set. Read aloud to an adult every day. Bring reading records into school for the teacher to check - they will be returned by the end of the day.

Friday - children will be tested on their spellings, times tables and we will mark the maths home learning, so please make sure it is in school.


  1. Choose a sheet to complete:  Time 15 Minute Intervals       Time - 5 Minute Intervals (We have printed these out and given them to the children as we have got the children's home learning books).
  2. Learn your 3x up to 12x3. You will be tested in class on Thursday. Children have been given their TTRS login details if they want to practise their tables on there. The Garage will test the children on 5x, 10x and 3x; the Studio will test the children on ALL times tables so it will be more challenging.

Spellings - Only learn the spellings from your spelling group

happiness happiness
sadness sadness
laziness laziness
silliness silliness
sickness sickness
every carelessness
everybody goodness
even kindness
great illness
break loneliness

Autumn 1 Home Learning Bingo


Book bands progress from Lilac band to Black band (typically confident Y6 readers).

Weekly Learning - for children isolating

If your child is isolating, these activities are to support children who are unable to attend school but well enough to learn.


In English this week we are writing a persuasive letter to our local MP about improvements that can be made to Wickford.
1. Complete mind map using notes. Think carefully about improvements for different people (children, families, elderly and pets).
2. Complete the plan using your notes from the mind map.
3. Write a persuasive letter about improvements to Wickford. Remember to use good punctuation.

Mind Map

Letter Plan


This week in Maths we are identifying, describing and sorting 3D shapes. Firstly, complete the 3D shape properties grid. Try and find items in your home that are these shapes to help describe the properties. Next, make a 3D shape using a net.
Can I name and describe 3D shapes?
Can I make a 3D shape from a net?