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Year 3 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 3! Summer Holiday Activity Ideas

  • Ask questions to find out more about a topic or situation.
  • To start a conversation with different people by asking questions or talking about something.
  • Listen and respond in conversations with others, staying on topic and responding to what others have said.
  • Draw a picture using a ruler – something about using a ruler?
  • Write your own story – be imaginative
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Learn to tie shoe laces
  • Read the same short text to as many adults as possible (can be done through call/facetime etc.)
  • Read a poem
  • Follow instructions to bake something!
  • Make a cake – can you write down the instructions?
  • Press some flowers* and use to make a bookmark/birthday card/thank you card
  • Create a Hope Box filled with smiles*
  • Build a den or fort* (with adult help)
  • Learn to count from 1-10 in another language*
  • Mindful Minutes..5..4..3..2..1...things you can see, hear, taste, touch, smell
  • Treasure Tuesdays (make Tuesdays in August special by finding a ‘hidden gem’ in your house, in the garden, when you go to the park with your family, etc and put it or the memory . Can you of it (photograph, drawing, actual object) in a special place
  • Draw or paint a self-portrait with your eyes shut!
  • Write a letter to a family member or neighbour
  • Learn how to juggle with 3 toys/pieces of fruit/pairs of socks
  • Create an alphabetical list of things you can eat/places in the world/you can wear
  • Create a numerical list of objects in your bedroom (e.g. one bed, two windows, three stuffed zebras, four drawers, etc)
  • Write your teacher a postcard and post it in the box of your classroom the first day you are back at WPS in September!
  • Learn the order, on the flag you coloured on Transition Day, of WPS’s values. As there are 7 of them, it would be fabulous if you or your family did something relating to each one of them one day of one week of the holidays!
  • This is FUN!! With as many people as you like, write a story in spoken words. Each person can only say one word, e.g. (Henry) On (Anna) a (Tom) grey (Henry) morning...It gets you thinking really, really fast and the storyline can be as funny/mysterious/realistic as you like.

We are really looking forward to seeing you in September!

Mrs James, Mr Appleby, Miss York and Miss Feagan 


Mr Appleby 3W
Miss York
Miss York 3AY
Mrs Feagan
Miss Feagan 3YF
Mrs James
Mrs P James 3JA