Working For Everyone

Home Learning

While school is closed, please send us photos of children learning at home so we can keep our website up-to-date. Remember it's RAINBOW Friday on 27th March, so wear something colourful to brighten your day and send us your pictures.

Please feel free to email us during this difficult time if you need any support. We are all still at work and available to help:

WPS expectations with home learning during the school closure

  • During this challenging time, we want children to continue to become independent, motivated learners, and responsible citizens.
  • Our intent is that our directed home learning will support children with their reading, writing and maths skills, while also providing opportunities to develop life skills and enriching activities with parents and carers.
  • Our expectation is that all children will complete daily reading, writing and maths activities each weekday (Monday-Friday).
  • The Home Learning Bingo activities are suggested activities, as we know you may be taking part in other creative and exciting activities directed by adults at home.
  • How work is organised at home is the responsibility of parents and carers, but we suggest you complete the reading, writing and maths learning in the morning and the other activities in the afternoon.