Working For Everyone

Healthy Schools

The school initially achieved the National Healthy Schools Award in 2007 and has been re-validated every 3 years, most recently in 2017. The award is granted where schools establish a climate in which individuals are valued and where positive relationships flourish, working effectively with parents and the wider community to teach children about making healthy choices in their lifestyle. It is reviewed annually.

Healthy Eating

Of course, we support healthy eating. Currently, upper school children can buy flavoured water, freshly made snacks or fruit from the school tuck shop at break time. Alternatively they can bring in their own healthy snack (See the Healthy Snacks page for guidelines on healthy snacks). Lower school children are provided with free fruit and vegetables during the morning and a free school meal at lunchtime.

Our menus at lunch time have been developed with Essex County Council to ensure they are wholesome and appealing to the children.

We encourage the children to bring in ‘sports bottles’ for water which they have access to at all times.

All of these initiatives are intended to promote children's concentration and sustain their energy levels throughout the day to maximise their achievement in school as well as developing healthy eating habits for their future well-being.

Charity of the Year

Other aspects of being a Healthy School include our support for a Charity of the Year chosen by the children through the School Council.Past charities have included Jennifer’s Trust, Barnardos, Little Havens Hospice, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Water Aid. We also support the annual Red Cross and Poppy appeals.

We also support the Gorilla Fund through the adoption of Amy, a mountain gorilla. and this has led to a friendship link with a school in Uganda. The children have worked with an artist to create a mural in the playground to celebrate this link.


Playleaders wear yellow jackets and are on duty at lunchtimes to make sure everyone has a happy playtime. Games are led by Mrs Champion our Learning Mentor.

Playleaders are also peer mediators. So if friends have an argument and need help sorting it out, mediators can help them make up.

Other important areas are:

Anti-Bullying; School Council; Behaviour; Curriculum