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Natasha Freeman of the East region was a favourite heading into the National Age Group championships. She had a clean competition but was a little bit low on start value which I think kept her out of the medals. She scored 12.8 on bars and 12.65 on beam. She scored an impressive 48.3 overall and came 7th. But because Natasha Won the compulsory 4 competition earlier in the year, she already was in very good standing going into the competition, she just needed to go clean to become the overall combined British Champion.
Age: 9
Club: South Essex
Coach: Caron Notton
Age you started gymnastics: 5 Years old
Why did you start gymnastics?: My mum said I had too much energy at home so needed an activity and I chose Gymnastics!
What has been your favourite competition so far? British Age group finals at Guilford. I made new friends and wasn’t nervous.
How many hours do you train each week?: 20
Whats your Favourite piece to train and whats your favourite piece to compete on?: My favourite piece to train is beam, I enjoy it the most. But my favourite piece to compete it floor because there is a low chance of falling!
Whats your favourite move? : Swing half turn on bars, and also free cartwheels on beam. I find them both challenging and enjoy doing them.
What has been your hardest move to learn so far? Tuck Back, it was challenging to rotate and land with my chest up.
What move would you love to learn? Forward giants on bars and side somi on beam.
What are your ambitions for the future? I want to be one of the top 10 gymnasts in the world.
What other hobbies do you have? Swimming and reading
Do you feel pressure being the Level 4 British Champion? No I just enjoy doing gymnastics, both training and competing.
Tell me a funny story from training ? One day in training, a field mouse managed to get into the pit in our gym, and was running around! It was funny watching all the coaches trying to catch it!!
Natasha Freeman from South Essex GC has definitely made a name for herself! Winning pretty much every competition she has entered so far! Natasha came to our attention around this time last year, winning the ‘Alpha Factor Open’, Level 4 Age 8 competition. This year she won Compulsory 4 at ‘Miss Alpha Factor’ , the East Region Compulsory Championships, and then the National Championships ! Natasha won the level 4 voluntary East regionals and has now become level 4 British Champion! I look forward to seeing Natasha next year and hope she continues her winning streak!