Working For Everyone

First Aid

I had the great pleasure, along with other parents of pupils from the school in assessing Year 5 children completing their First Aid course.

This involved lots of demonstrations by the pupils of different emergency situations they may face and what appropriate action they needed to take. We had to ask the pupils lots of questions as well, which acted as another form of assessing them.

We had a criteria checklist which we had to complete to determine whether the pupils passed or not.

I had fun making up scenarios for the pupils and, I am pleased to say, every child I assessed passed!!!

I was so impressed by the way the pupils conducted themselves in these difficult testing conditions; they were extremely knowledgeable and calm.

Thank you so much to Mr Kemp for his time, enthusiasm and dedication for training and organising this First Aid course, which he has done for many years, and to all the parents and staff involved in making this another great success.

Mrs Sue Blake


19th July 2019