Working For Everyone

Christmas Assembly & Phonics/Reading

I had the pleasure of attending assembly twice this morning in both the Lower and Upper school.

Cannon Jane was explaining how we can prepare spiritually for Christmas and the meaning of Advent. It was interesting to hear the children’s different responses and understanding from both sites. I learnt Advent is Latin for waiting.

I spent the rest of the morning introducing myself to as many staff members as possible and visiting all the classrooms in the Lower school so that I can become more familiar with pupils and staff. This also gives me the opportunity to become more familiar with the Early years and KS1 education and needs. I was warmly welcomed by all.

Many of the classes I visited were carrying out work on phonics and language, such as dealing with compounds, instructions and sequencing. All the pupils were well behaved and keen to explain and show me their work.

I also had the privilege of having a selection of pupils from various classes come to read to me in the library. I asked questions about the book they were reading and how the pictures explained the story and was able to  wri!te comments in their reading diaries which they were excited about as much as me.

A very productive day had by all.

Mrs Sue Blake

School Governor

3rd December 2018