Working For Everyone

Governor Visits

Year 4 Sports festival

The school hosted a sports festival in July, this also involved Abacus and North Crescent schools. The weather was good the children were very excited and enthusiastic.

All children were well behaved and waited their turn for each event (about 6 in total),working very well together in mixed gender groups from each school and making the other schools feel very welcome and getting along fine.

Year 6 from our school helped out, advising younger children what to do and helped by ensuring the children felt included and safe.

Everyone really enjoyed the day and got along fantastically, cheering each other on.

Mrs Joanne Cowgill
10th July 2019

First Aid

I had the great pleasure, along with other parents of pupils from the school in assessing Year 5 children completing their First Aid course.

This involved lots of demonstrations by the pupils of different emergency situations they may face and what appropriate action they needed to take. We had to ask the pupils lots of questions as well, which acted as another form of assessing them.

We had a criteria checklist which we had to complete to determine whether the pupils passed or not.

I had fun making up scenarios for the pupils and, I am pleased to say, every child I assessed passed!!!

I was so impressed by the way the pupils conducted themselves in these difficult testing conditions; they were extremely knowledgeable and calm.

Thank you so much to Mr Kemp for his time, enthusiasm and dedication for training and organising this First Aid course, which he has done for many years, and to all the parents and staff involved in making this another great success.

Mrs Sue Blake


19th July 2019

Take One Picture & Playleaders

I had a great day exploring all the work and creativity going on in the school as part of Art week.

I always enjoy Art week, which involves the Take ONE Picture project. This year the pupils have explored one of George Bellow’s paintings Men of the Docks. I visited Upper and Lower sites and was so impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and engagement with the artist and the painting.

The Take ONE Picture project incorporates all of the curriculum which I find remarkable and fascinating.

Many of the pupils looked at events in the painting that they could relate to their own lives, such as being on a boat/ship themselves, and family members that have worked on the docks.

Lower site pupils impressed me with their drawing and interpretation skills, using view finders to concentrate on small sections of the painting, this terms theme has been sea and sand and they have incorporated this into Arts week by thinking about the Barnacles that may be stuck to the bottom of the ship in the painting.

In the afternoon I attended the play leaders meeting. The pupils volunteer themselves for this role and they were learning about what the role involves and debated how a play leader should conduct themselves.

I found this meeting very encouraging, as all the pupils made really good suggestions about how to conduct themselves, how to support their peers and  situations they may need help with. Al the pupils said it was important to listen to each other and not be critical. I also joined in with demonstrations of games to play, very energetic ,I didn’t need to go to the gym that night!!!

Whilst at the school I observed all the displays, they are amazing, informative and really brighten up the school.

Well done to all the pupils and staff

Mrs Sue Blake

Governor 17th June 2019

Parent group

I have had the pleasure of attending the parent group meetings organised by Mrs Champion since they started this year.

This is a support and networking group for parents with pupils with additional needs. I hope I have been a useful addition to the group as I am also a paediatric nurse. I want to give my warmest thanks to all the parents and Mrs Champion for making me feel so welcome when I attend the meetings, and for sharing their experiences and knowledge with me.

May they flourish and continue in September.

Best wishes

Mrs Sue Blake




Walk Around and Arts Week

Today myself and Mrs Harrison had a look at the children’s work which they were preparing for Arts week. 5w were completing their interpretation of the picture Men of the Docks. Their ideas and different ways of interpretation were varied and very well thought out.  I particularly liked a display some of the boys had made of the titanic sinking. Also we went in to watch the rehearsal for the Wickford collaborative dance festival next week. Fantastic dancing especially as they had only had two rehearsals.

Thank you all.

Fiona Kemzura Chair of Governors 21st June 2019

Visiting Lower school

Today I was in lower school, visiting Dragonflies, and Caterpillars. Dragonflies were learning sequencing in maths. They were putting the numbers they were given in the right order eg 17-19 where did 18 go? The whole class were contributing to solve the answer and there were some very quick reactions. Also their times tables counting up and down in 10s, again the whole class were contributing. Caterpillars were doing literacy and extending words eg hard, harder, hardest. The table I sat with soon caught on to the answers and then were adding words that would carry on in the same theme.

Also I listened in on the phonics testing and it was a joy to see the children’s reactions when they scored more than last time they were tested.

Thank you everyone it was a lovely morning.

Fiona Kemzura Chair of Governors 13th June 2019

Health and Safety walk round/ world book day

Today Mr Tobbell, and I conducted our termly walk round both school sites. There are a few minor issues to be addressed, but on the whole the school is in good repair. What we did notice was the amount of excellent display work in both schools. As it was World Book Day it was great to see so many children dressed up and enjoying the day ( and staff as well). I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many wizards outside of Hogwarts! Well done everyone.

Visit from Santa & Christmas Lunch

I had the greatest honour of helping Santa visit all the children in Lower school.

The staff made a magnificent magical job of making Santa comfortable with a large cosy chair, blankets, decorations and fairy lights in the library. Santa spoke to each child individually and gave them a gift, all the children were very excited and polite to Santa and myself.

I then helped out in the Lower  school office and managed the phone so staff could attend the Christmas lunch with the pupils.

A massive well done to all the catering and meal time supervision staff – the dining hall looked spectacular and was very well organised. Although I didn’t eat lunch myself, the food looked delicious and I saw many happy, full up faces when I had a sneak peek after manning the office.

Merry Christmas & God Bless.

Mrs Sue Blake

School Governor

12th Dec 2018

Christmas Assembly & Phonics/Reading

I had the pleasure of attending assembly twice this morning in both the Lower and Upper school.

Cannon Jane was explaining how we can prepare spiritually for Christmas and the meaning of Advent. It was interesting to hear the children’s different responses and understanding from both sites. I learnt Advent is Latin for waiting.

I spent the rest of the morning introducing myself to as many staff members as possible and visiting all the classrooms in the Lower school so that I can become more familiar with pupils and staff. This also gives me the opportunity to become more familiar with the Early years and KS1 education and needs. I was warmly welcomed by all.

Many of the classes I visited were carrying out work on phonics and language, such as dealing with compounds, instructions and sequencing. All the pupils were well behaved and keen to explain and show me their work.

I also had the privilege of having a selection of pupils from various classes come to read to me in the library. I asked questions about the book they were reading and how the pictures explained the story and was able to  wri!te comments in their reading diaries which they were excited about as much as me.

A very productive day had by all.

Mrs Sue Blake

School Governor

3rd December 2018

Christmas concerts

On Monday I attended the lower school Christmas production, Christmas Around the World. It was lovely to see all the children enthusiastically join in and the dance movements were great. Well done to all the children and staff that have put in the hard work for a great production.

Fiona Kemzura Chair of Governors

10th December 2018