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Phonics and reading Powerpoint 2.12.20

Welcome to Reception Letter Sept 20
Reception Reading Letter 2020
Welcome to Reception PowerPoint

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Welcome to Reception! We feel privileged to be at the beginning of your child’s journey through their years in education. We will endeavor to encourage a love of learning that will inspire them for years to come and look forward to working in partnership with you!

We will be having PE on Wednesday mornings every week. Children will need to wear their PE kit to school.

Please encourage your children to get dressed as independently as they can and remember to remove earrings before coming to school that day.

As the weather gets colder, children will also need to wear a tracksuit or similar over the top of their t-shirts and jogging bottoms or leggings.

The EYFS Curriculum

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Autumn Term

During their first few weeks in school, children become familiar with their environment, learn school rules and routines, make new friends and settle in. Baseline assessments are carried out to give us a firm foundation to take each child’s learning forward.

Children  free-flow throughout  the EYFS classrooms and outdoor area, undertaking a mixture of teacher led and child initiated activities throughout the day. We ensure that everyone has a turn to take part in the learning opportunities both inside the classroom and in our outside learning environment and try to make activities as inviting and inspiring as possible.

Our first Autumn topic is 'Through The Keyhole'. Within this topic, children will be able to talk about themselves, their families and their familiar world and to look at houses and buildings. We will explore our local environment and school and look at people who help us. We will name the parts of the body and recognise our feelings and those of others. We will celebrate our similarities and differences and explore what makes each of us special.

During this term children focus on recognising and writing their names, learning initial letter sounds through daily phonic sessions and become familiar with traditional stories such as 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and 'The Three Little Pigs'.

Numbers and accurate counting skills feature heavily in our daily maths activities and Number time sessions this term.

Throughout the first few weeks children begin to become independent and gain in confidence by self selecting activities and becoming responsible for their belongings and the choices they make. Ordinarily children would also practise dressing and undressing independently for weekly P.E. lessons, but this year we would encourage parents to focus on this at home as much as possible.

In this first term children learn to read simple CVC words and share reading books and stories for pleasure in school and at home. From the very beginning we seek to instil an enthusiasm and passion for reading.

After the half term break our new topic focus is ‘Colours’. Colour exploration features heavily during this theme! We focus on stories such as 'The Colour Monster', 'Elmer' and 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' We experiment with colour mixing and light, dark and shade. We make shadow puppets and perform stories to each other. In maths we continue our number focus and start to look at shapes in our environment, days of the week, o'clock times and money.

We also think about Autumn and seasonal changes and the festivals that fall at this time of year, including Harvest, Diwali and Christmas and enjoy producing related arts and crafts . We start practising for our Nativity to get ready for our big performance just before the Christmas break.

Through The Keyhole Topic Plan Autumn A 2020

Colours Topic Plan Autumn B 2020

Spring Term

Our first topic in the Spring term is 'Shiver and Sizzle'. Within this topic the children will explore the continents of the world and learn about hot and cold environments. We will investigate different habitats including rainforests, deserts, jungles and the wildlife within them! We will enjoy experiencing a safari and investigating hot and cold and their effect on objects, environments and animals. We will investigate different seasons, link features of each and look for shapes in our environment. In maths we will focus on looking at teen numbers and ordering them and will start to solve simple addition and subtraction calculations.

After the half term we will be taking 'A Walk in the Wild'. We will explore woodlands and forests and undertake lots of outdoor learning. We will enjoy familiar stories like The Gruffalo, and We're Going on a Bear Hunt and use our imagination to re-enact them. We will learn about animals and insects that live in woodlands and learn about nocturnal animals and those that hibernate. We will start to recognise the features of familiar trees and plants and will learn about why it is important to look after our environment. We will create dens and think about camping!

Shiver and Sizzle Topic Plan Spring A 2021

A Walk in the Wild Topic Plan Spring B 2021

Summer Term

The first topic of the summer term is 'Wriggle n Grow!' During this topic we will learn about plants and growth. We will investigate beans and grow our own plants, learning about what plants need to grow and their stages of growth. We will learn about the different parts of a plant and investigate and sort seeds. We will investigate mini beasts and learn about what lives in our gardens and how to look after them!

Wriggle and Grow Topic Plan Summer A 2021

Early Learning Goals

During Reception, children work towards achieving their early learning goals. These can be viewed here.

Throughout the year, their achievements are recorded in an electronic learning journal which is printed off as a booklet to keep at the end of the year. Home and school contribute to this journal to provide a complete picture of each child's achievements.

Learning Journeys

Tapestry T&C Sept 2020