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During Early Years, children work towards achieving their early learning goals. These can be viewed here.

Throughout the year, their achievements are recorded in an electronic learning journal which is printed off as a booklet to keep at the end of the year. Home and school contribute to this journal to provide a complete picture of each child's achievements.

Tapestry T&Cs
New Entrants Information Autumn 2019

Autumn Term

During their first few weeks in school, children get to learn our class and school rules and routines, make new friends and settle in. Baseline assessments are carried out to give us a firm foundation to take each child’s learning forward.

Children are then given a coloured group, which forms the basis of a rotation of activities throughout the day. This ensures that everyone has a turn to take part in the learning opportunities both inside the classroom and in our outside learning environment.

Our first topic is Mini Me. Through this, children will be able to talk about themselves, their families and their familiar world. They practise writing their names, learn the initial letter sounds through daily phonic sessions and become familiar with numbers. They begin to become independent by practising dressing and undressing for P.E. lessons on Wednesday afternoons.

Children learn to read words and share reading books in school and at home.

During the first half term, children start to attend assemblies. Firstly, celebration assembly on Friday mornings, then singing assembly and so on until they join in every day.

After the half term break our topic is ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Bears feature heavily during this topic! We focus on stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ - we act it out, retell it and use this as inspiration for our creative and written work.

We also think about Autumn and the festivals that fall at this time of year. We start practising for our Nativity to get ready for our big performance just before the Christmas break.

We feel privileged to be at the beginning of your child’s journey through their years in education. We will endeavor to encourage a love of learning that will see them through the years ahead.

EYFS Autumn 1 19-20

EYFS Autumn 2 2019

Spring Term

Spring is here! For the first half of this term the children learn about ‘Dinosaurs’, followed by our  ‘Farmyard Fun!’ topic.

In our ‘Dinosaur’s topic the children look at the history of Dinosaurs, where and when they lived on the earth, and why they became extinct. They name and describe their features and create lots of imaginary creatures of their own! Dinky the Dinosaur pays us a visit and the children learn how to write letters, facts and questions. Fossils, bones, skeletons and footprints feature heavily and we enjoy lots of topic related stories.

Later in the term our ‘Farmyard Fun!’ topic enables the children to learn and retell some traditional stories, such as The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen,  and The Enormous Turnip. We focus on animals and their babies, lifecycles, habitats, and farm machinery. We also look at where our food comes from and how it grows. Our topic ends with a wonderful visit to Boydell’s farm , where we enjoy seeing a real life working farm in action and even get to milk a real cow!

EYFS Spring 19-20 

EYFS Spring 2 19-20