Working For Everyone


Children are assessed on entry using formal written assessments. Thereafter, learning is assessed through written tests as well as on-going teacher assessment using work in pupils’ books, contributions to class discussions and pupil participation in lessons.

More information is available in our Assessment-Policy-Jan19.

Children are given a band to indicate how well they are doing compared with their age.

Year 6
Band 6
Year 5
Band 5
Year 4
Band 4
Year 3
Band 3
Year 2
Band 2
Year 1
Band 1

Where B = beginning, W = working within and S = secure.

Age-related Performance Descriptors

Infant descriptors are on their way.

Band 3 Assessment Grid
Band 4 Assessment Grid
Band 5 Assessment Grid
Band 6 Assessment Grid
Reading Assessment Band 3 and 4
Reading Assessment Band 5 and 6
Writing banding assessment Year 3
Writing banding assessment Year 4
Writing banding assessment Year 5
Year 6 End Of KS2 Writing

Band 4 Science
Band 5 Science
Band 6 Science
Science mixed

Foundation subjects
Foundation Art, DT, Geog, Hist, Music
Foundation PE, MFL, RE


At the end of the year, parents receive their child’s report which contains assessment data for every subject based upon the performance descriptors for their age:
Reports Y3 banding
Reports Y4 banding
Reports Y5 banding
Reports Y6 banding

At parents evenings during the year, teachers will inform parents whether or not their child is reaching age-related expectations. For some children, booster session or 1:1 tuition may be necessary to help them catch-up.