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Cross Country update

We finally have the results from the cross country partnership – which includes 18 schools from Wickford, Billericay and South Woodham Ferrers –  and I am delighted to share them with you.

Year 3 boys team = 1st place

Year 3 girls team = 1st place

Year 4 boys team = 1st place

Year 4 girls team = 1st place

Year 5 boys team = 1st place

Year 5 girls team = 1st place

Year 6 boys team = 2nd place

Year 6 girls team = 2nd place.

Well done, these are outstanding results.

As we are still waiting for the official results from our William de Ferrers partnership (this will not be until the new year), we decided to look closely at our results and have awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to the top 3 boys and girls in each year group.

Year 3

1st place = Sophie M (3YF) and Teddy D (3SB)

2nd place = Emme J (3JA) and Vinnie Y (3AY)

3rd place = Kaitlin C-K (3JA) Jayden P (3AY) and Ruben K (3AY)

Year 4

1st place = Amelia B (4RV) and Dylan M (4SB)

2nd place = Ava M-G (4RV) and Jack P (4RV)

3rd place = Eva W (4SB) and Alfie A (4LT)

Year 5

1st place = Megan P (5ES) and Harley C (5ER)

2nd place = Sofia T (5ER) and Reyes C-B (5ER)

3rd place = India H (5JH) and Oliver O (5ER)

Year 6

1st place = Jessica E (6SY) and Liam P (6DB)

2nd place = Charlotte M (6DB) and Cooper R (6SY)

3rd place = Amelia W (6IM) and Aidan F (6IM)

A sportsmanship award was given to Joshua A (6DB) for sacrificing his own race to support an injured friend to ensure that he completed his race.

Congratulations to everyone who competed.

Everyone at upper school had the chance to compete in a virtual, inter-school competition today. Each bubble raced separately, then the times were submitted to our school sports partnership. Results will be available soon.

Our school was praised for its team spirit, enthusiasm and generally respectful and determined attitudes.  It was also wonderful to see the children cheering each other on and demonstrating all of our values. Very well done everybody!