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Our pledge……..
"Bullying can happen to anyone at any time in their life. We believe we make a difference to stop it from happening at our school."
"If you have a problem come and talk to us, or put a message in the blue WITS box near the office: Walk away, Ignore, Tell someone and See and adult."


"As the Lead Ambassador I believe my role is to lead my team in trying to make children at our school feel safe and  happy . I am good at problem solving and listening and you can find me at lunchtimes wearing my blue jacket ."

Meet the rest of our team

Lucy 6F, Sophia 6W, Ella 6E, Chloe 5W, Ryan 5E, Connie 5F, Levi 4F , Max 4W, Ellie 4E


On the 26th September we went to a training event at Woodlands School. This gave us an amazing opportunity to learn what bullying is and its impact on daily life, why people bully and what we can do to help. We have been specially trained to help spot the signs when someone is being bullied so that we can do something, helping our pupils to feel safe at playtimes. There was also lots of helpful advice on how to keep safe and when to intervene.  In the afternoon, we were able to start planning what we can do to make a positive impact on our school including lunchtime clubs peer support and fundraising events.

All the Ambassadors left full on enthusiasm and we agreed to meet weekly to turn our ideas into action and create an action plan to make sure it has a positive impact on the school.

Upskills training event 7th February 2018

Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors attended an Upskills training   event at the Upper Academy ,Basildon. They took part in workshops to help them mediate safely and effectively and learned the skills needed to be a successful public speaker. Throughout the day the team got the opportunity to network with other schools , sharing ideas and created an action plan. This term the team hope to celebrate International Day of Kindness on the 20th March with some whole school activities to really get everyone smiling and to think about the importance of being kind to others.

If you would like to find out any further information about the Diane Award Anti-Bullying Campaign you can find out lots of information on their website.


Please visit our page again to find out more about our plans for this year and upcoming events .

Anti-Bullying Leaflet 2018


Anti-Bullying Policy May-16

Bullybeat Songs

Over the years we have worked with the Songwriting Charity to create songs to raise awarenes of bullying and to promote anti-bullying. You can listen to them here https://m.soundcloud.com/search?q=wickford%20junior. Search for our school name and a list of 6 will appear. Hope you like them!